Kyo D’Assassin -Belice-

Kyraan Gabourel es un empresario, poeta, editor y autor. Ha estado escribiendo y actuando durante los últimos ocho años, bajo el nombre artístico de “Kyo D’Assassin”, ha ganado numerosos concursos nacionales de poesía. Sus obras aparecen en varias antologías de poesía, en la serie de revistas electrónicas de arte Baffu ( y es coautor del libro + DVD, “We Gat Sonting Fu Seh”, (Image Factory Art Foundation.  2013). Es coorganizador de Spokenword 501, un grupo con sede en la Ciudad de Belice que tiene lecturas bimensuales de poesía. Actualmente está trabajando en su próxima antología de poemas mientras cursa una licenciatura en antropología en la Universidad de Galen.

An Ode to Nabi

Paul Nabor…

strumming away

on the sands of Barranco

One with the earth’s breath

Music… its flow

that vibrates through the bones

of the ground’s soul

No pain or sorrow

I’m moving on…

to the highest peaks

towering over an ocean of snow

A foreign land…

its feelings resonating with my truth

My story woven

into the hearts of Belizeans

where hope glows in a black hole

The Jewel under the sun

are the dreams of the Sahara

Vast… mysterious… endless

Paul Nabor…

Belize is Me

Country serene

My home Belize

A Paradigm bliss

Being kissed by the sea

The people colorful

Headstrong like Mahogany

In the face of oppression

We strive for unity

The Jewel ever blooming

The best is yet to come

Our children hand in hand

Dancing under the sun

God’s gift to us

A land beyond riches

Milk & honey valleys

Passion moving ridges

Blood & sweat bathe the land

Our efforts bear fruits

The nectar of our Heritage

Quenches our roots

The river’s soul

Carry tales of folklores

An Ode to Yerri Soh

From Coro to Toledo

The Cayes… they whisper

Secrets of lazy times

Ambiance sets the mood

Even stress unwind

Days of gold

Yesterday in mind

The birds they sing

In the land of mengo time

Evergreen Chiquibul

Preserve Belize’s youth

She cries every time

When her wealth’s being looted

I kiss the land by the sea

In hope to heal its wounds

Using my arms like the Great Barrier Reef

To protect this jewel

Belize is God’s Paradise…

Heaven sent

She completes me…

My empowerment